“Alpini” is a commissioned reportage on the occasion of the 95th “Adunata degli Alpini” in Vicenza.

Bye Bye Silvio

“Bye Bye Silvio” is a reportage I shot in Milan during Silvio Berlusconi’s funeral.   

Face of our Time

“Face of our time” is a project based on posed portraits that takes shape in 2021 as a reflection about the alienating effect of face masks on our perception of “the others”.  Intrigued by how my brain was constantly trying to re-construct an ideal image of those strangers I was meeting in my everyday life,…

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18:30, unHappy Hour

In the last weeks Italy is facing a serious, important issue: coronavirus is not only affecting more and more people everyday, but it’s also changing our everyday life. One of the most trivial, but at the same time representative aspects is the so called “Spritz ritual”, which usually takes place in each and every bar…

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Zagreb 2018: World Cup Final

World Cup 2018 final from Zagreb Had the great privilege of spending one day in Zagreb together with awesome, gentle, passionate and proud people. I used my Lomo LC-Wide: But also my Fujifilm FinePix X100: And my Sony A7III with a Canon 50mm 1.8 STM lens: Here is the whole reportage:     That’s all…

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